Hello friends,

As an entrepreneur, you are no doubt aware of the ‘unequaled power’ of speaking from the stage to establish your credibility and rapidly build your business.

However, as a public speaker who sells from the stage, you have two possible outcomes.

Outcome A: After delivering your closing line you’re met with a thunderous standing ovation and a line of people waiting to shake your hand … even get a picture with you. Or,

Outcome B: You get off stage and are greeted by a line of people waiting to invest in your resources.

Which would you prefer?

If you prefer thunderous applause and pictures you can click the back arrow button because candidly, this information is probably not for you.

However, if you’d rather leave the room with a boatload of orders and new profits for your business then I urge you to keep reading.

Do you find yourself scratching your head, wondering to yourself

“What’s Their Big Secret? How Do They Make The Big Bucks
Selling From The Stage Like A Pro?”

If you’re an entrepreneur like me, you’ve probably attended more than your fair share of seminars and live events. Did you ever wonder how some speakers can speak to an audience for an hour and then have people rush to the back of the room to invest in their books, CDs, home study courses, and coaching programs?


Conversely, have you ever seen a speaker give a truly amazing presentation, packed with valuable information, a few laugh lines – even getting a standing ovation from the audience, but not sell a darn thing?

We all have, and to the untrained eye, you’d swear it was just dumb luck!

But you’d be very wrong.

The fact is, there is a little-talked-about, secret formula for

How to Craft a Highly Effective Presentation
So Your Audience Will Be Clamoring to Invest In
Your Products and Services

And that’s what I want to share with you today.

jim-palmer-successful-public-speakerFor the past six years, I’ve been to more live events and seminars than I can count and I’ve witnessed hundreds of presentations. I’ve studied the best of the best and witnessed the worst of the worst.

And through much painful trial and error and constant tweaking, I can now speak anywhere, whether it’s to a group of 20 people or 200 people, and predictability close 20-30% of the room, sometimes a lot more.

Oh sure, at the end of my talks, people will come up to me and compliment my easy, conversational and the somewhat ‘off the cuff’ nature of my presentations.

Many tell me they enjoyed my stories and appreciate that I delivered so much useable content. Some will want to get a picture and have me sign a copy of one of my books. I truly appreciate all of this! 🙂 But here’s the truth.

There’s Nothing Spontaneous, Ad-Libbed, Or Off The
Cuff About Selling From The Stage … It’s A Science!

Understand this – while many people believe that I’m speaking conversationally and somewhat off the cuff as I share some real value – I know everything I’m going to say.

It is for a specific reason, at just the right time, and is designed to do one thing: to get the audience in a short period of time to know, like and trust me enough to invest in some of my Smart Marketing and Business Building Programs.

Now to be sure, I truly appreciate their complements, the occasional standing ovations, and desire for people to want to connect with me. On a personal basis, it’s a real ‘hoot’ to get the attention and admiration.

Who doesn’t want to feel appreciated, am I right?


And, I totally appreciate that in business, it’s all about the value you deliver to the marketplace.

But as a business owner there’s a specific reason that I travel the country to give presentations, investing a lot of time and money:

Effectively Selling From The Stage is Without
A Doubt, The Best Way To
Build A More Profitable Business Faster

If you’re a public speaker now, or want to be, please keep reading because the information I want to share with you truly has the potential to change your business, and your lifestyle.

If you’re an entrepreneur that wants to use speaking as a way to grow a more profitable business faster, by connecting with large groups of people and by selling more of your books, CDs, home study courses, coaching programs or other services, you need to understand one thing.

Speaking from the stage is one of the best and fastest ways to grow your business, and with my new program, How to Sell From the Stage Like a Pro, you’ll soon be selling a ton of your resources – forging strong new relationships and closing more sales from the front of the room with extreme confidence.

How to Sell From the Stage Like a Pro is truly a one of a kind program that teaches you the proven step-by-step formula that me and several other top speakers use to close sales from the front of the room, with confidence, predictability, and like a seasoned veteran!

When you invest in my How to Sell From the Stage Like a Pro training program, you’ll learn the proven step by step secret formula for how to close more sales. I deliver this training through an audio CD, Step-by-Step Action Guide, full transcripts, two DVDs, and some amazing bonus special reports!

Two Super-Easy Ways To Unlock The Vault
And Get The The Proven, Step-by-Step Secret
‘Selling More From the Stage’ Blueprint Right Now
Here’s What You Get!

How To Sell From The Stage Like A Pro includes:

  • Complete Audio Training
  • Full Transcripts
  • Step-by-Step Action Plan
  • DVD One: Recording of my presentation to The Arizona Marketing Association using this exact formula!
  • DVD Two: The same presentation with all of the action steps and behind the scenes strategies highlighted!


PLUS! Some Amazing Free Bonuses:


WHAT TO DO NOW: Invest in your future growth and profitability by investing in this amazing one of a kind program. You can choose the option that fits your needs and budget the best!

A) Choose the digital version for only $197 and get immediate access to all of the training materials, or

B) Choose the hard copy version for only $297 and get a ‘nifty’ binder with the CDs, DVDs, transcripts, and special reports, sent to your home or office.

Either way, when you invest in the hard copy, you still get instant access to everything digitally, plus you’ll get the binder delivered to you in 7-10 days! In other words, no waiting either way!

Plus! I’m also offering you a one-pay and convenient two-pay option!


A Little Straight Talk From “Coach Jim” as
You Prepare To Turn The Key and
Fire Up Your “Selling From The Stage” Machine

jim-palmer-officialAs an in-demand business coach, I teach many entrepreneurs and small business owners how to grow a more profitable business faster. These coaching clients know me to be blunt, straight forward and to the point. If you’re new to my community and just discovering this web site and program, let me share some straight talk with you now.

Getting up in front of a group of people and delivering an amazing value-packed presentation loaded with tons of valuable and actionable information is a good thing. You may also think that delivering such a presentation is a good way to get some in the audience to follow you, want to learn more, and eventually become clients. And you might be right!

You might even receive a thunderous standing ovation from such a powerful presentation and that too would be nice, really nice, and you’ll drive home or to your hotel room with a big smile and warm feeling in your chest. Nothing wrong with this strategy and to be honest, it is used by tens of thousands of speakers every day.

However, if your goal and strategy is to ‘fill your checkbook’ before leaving the gig, I have some ‘straight talking’ Coach Jim news for you. Simply smiling and saying to the audience, “Thank you for having me, I appreciate your applause. My latest book is in the back, please stop by and see me” is not a business building or profit boosting strategy. I would best describe such a strategy as ‘hope’ and if you use, or continue to use such a strategy, you are selling yourself and your business woefully short.

Invest in your future growth and profitability now.

Whether you’re currently a speaker who is not doing so well at your resource table, or you want to be a speaker that has the audience anxiously waiting to invest in your courses, I encourage now you to act right now and invest in your future growth and profitability.

Invest in How to Sell From the Stage Like a Pro so you too will discover the proven formula for closing more sales from the front of the room with extreme confidence.

I’ve made it incredibly easy to get started, simply, click the “Yes Jim, I’m Ready to Sell From The Stage Like a Pro” button right now and I’ll see on the inside!


To Your Success,


Jim Palmer
Your Dream Business Coach