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Many things go into creating a Dream Business, including the right brand and marketing.

But from my experience, one thing, above all else, has made my Dream Lifestyle possible – my ability to capture an audience, share my message in a powerful and authentic way, and ultimately have people stand in line to invest in my programs.

Creating and honing what I call your “quantum leap” signature presentation is vitally important, but the flip side of that success coin, is understanding exactly how to sell from “the stage” like a pro!

Of Course, The Definition Of The Word “Stage” Has Changed – PERMANENTLY.

When I say “stage”, I’m referring to a skill that transfers to podcast interviews, webinars, and virtual events as well as live seminars.

But it is especially – and most importantly – for those entrepreneurs who host their own one-day or multi-day live events, either in-person or virtual.

How to Sell From the Stage is both an art and science.

When you follow my proven formula, you will masterfully be delivering a presentation in a way that will compel listeners to connect with you.

And while entrepreneurs in each of these areas will benefit greatly from this program, my VIP PRIVATE MASTERCLASS experience was created especially for those entrepreneurs who now host their own one-day or multi-day live events – either in-person or virtual – or are planning to add this incredible tool to their business.

I’ve Created Two Lucrative And Profitable Businesses Using This EXACT Model – Both Speaking From Other People’s Stages, and Also on My Own Stages at Dream Business Academy

About 15 years ago, though an intense schedule of speaking engagements across the country, I perfected a way to deliver a one-hour presentation that helped me build No Hassle Newsletters into a powerhouse online program.

Here are a few scenes from my “No Hassle” speaking tour, which took me to over 75 GKIC chapters, marketing seminars, and professional conferences around the country in just two years:

Since then, I’ve served over 1,200 small business owners in nine countries.

(You can learn this strategy, and actually see me deliver this exact presentation, in the home study course.)

I then created my own 3-day live event called Dream Business Academy.

I designed, marketed, produced, and delivered 8 Dream Business Academy events over a five-year period.

I have personally sold millions of dollars in coaching programs, using the exact formula and strategies I will teach you during your VIP Private Masterclass.

In fact, 80% of my current mastermind members decided to join my Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program as a result of attending one of my Dream Business Academies!

Now, YOU Can Perfect This Level of Training in Your Business, and I’ll Be With You Every Step of the Way!

I am now offering a limited number of VIP Private Masterclasses, only 4-6 per year, and here’s how they work.

First, the VIP Private Masterclass is a full-day, intensive, “get-it-done” private consult/workshop with me.

During our time together, I will work with you, personally, to:

  • Craft your “Quantum Leap” signature presentation, using my proven formula on How to Sell from the Stage Like a Pro

  • Create your irresistible programs and offerings – from designing them, to pricing them, to adding the right “fast-action” bonuses to induce even greater sales

  • Organize and develop your full event – whether it be 1, 2, 3, 4, or more days, and whether it be live or virtual – using the Scientific Method-style design formula I used to host eight sold-out, wildly-successful Dream Business Academy events (with more to come)

YOU Choose The Venue!

We can do your comprehensive VIP Private Masterclass virtually on Zoom, if you prefer, or even better, you can travel to Our Floating Home and we can do it right here on my yacht.

Either way is okay with me.

But I will tell you, the experience and increased creativity you get from working in this environment is well worth your travel and time!

Here are some pictures from just a few of my private coaching clients who have been to Our Floating Home:

Now, there’s something else you need to know as you make the decision that best benefits your business and brand:

The Masterclass Itself Is Just One Day, But You Get Three Months Of Cap’t Jim Piloting You To Your Destination

After our one-day VIP Private Masterclass, you and I will stay connected over the next 90 days, as you practice your skills and implement what we design.

I will be available to you to answer questions via e-mail as questions come up.

In addition, you’ll also get six (6) 30-minute private coaching calls to be used as needed over the 90 days.

Should you apply and be accepted as one of the 4-6 people I work with, we’ll book a date and get started creating the quantum leap in your business.

My goal is to make sure you are 100% ready to

Create A Quantum Leap In Your Business By Delivering A Confident Presentation That Gets Your Attendees Lining Up For The Programs You Offer At Your Event!

My VIP Private Masterclass is created specifically for those entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business to the next level, using the power of a signature presentation, combined with my proven How to Sell From the Stage Like a Pro Formula.

Candidly, this is a big commitment of time and resources for both of us.

For that reason, and to help ensure success for both of us, there will an application process.

Should you apply and be accepted as one of the 4-6 people I work with, we’ll book a date and get you started ASAP.

So, if you are serious about creating a “Quantum Leap” in revenue in your business, then I urge you to follow my lead.

Let me guide you in creating your signature presentation, teach you how to deliver it in using my proven How to Sell From The Stage skills, and get more clients through podcast interviews, webinars, stage presentations, and especially through your own Live Events.

The investment for this VIP Private Masterclass, combined with 3 months of private coaching with me, is only $4997.

If you’re ready for a quantum leap in your business, then I invite you to apply for one of the exclusive spots.

Let’s Craft Your Quantum Leap Signature Presentation, Create Your Irresistible Programs And Offerings, and Organize And Develop Your Full Event!

Take that all-important first step.

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